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FINNRIGA FINLAND OY is an enterprise which will offer professional services, refrigerators and showcases. FINNRIGA FINLAND OY will offer different types of freezing devices, starting with professional refrigerators up to big and spacious freezer rooms, which are provided specially for manufacturing enterprises. 
 currently is one of the leading companies engaged in the production and sale of equipment for bulk beverages such as beer, cider, kvass, spirits and juice in the Baltic States. Unique marketing methods, many years of experience of our staff, flexibility and rapid decision-making have helped us become one of the leading companies in the Baltic market.
We deal with both standard tasks of designing, installing and maintaining beer dispensing systems as well as those intended for large sports complexes, arenas, bars and restaurants.We can offer our customers high-quality modern, classical-style or customized beer dispensing systems for pouring beer into glasses, PET bottles or kegs.
The central unit of
 FINNRIGA FINLAND OY is located in Klaipėda. The company has its branches in Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn,Helsinki and Warsaw so that it would be able to quickly serve its customers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.