„Exactap“ quick dispense equipment

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“Exactap” rapid dispensing system

Rapid dispensing system “Exactap” is intended for the service of particularly high flow of people. With this system, beer or other beverages can be dispensed at the maximum rate through a single tap, i.e. 10-12 mugs of 0.5 liters per minute (5-6 liters of beer). This system is fitted with one or two dispensing taps. The system can be set to three dose levels at the same time. This system also includes an accounting system, which can be connected to an external accounting system. It is fully automated with a lockable control monitor. This system can also be fitted into a table top.

maximum efficiency, l/h 360
Cooling capacity first hour Δt=10°C, liters
Number of lines 1
Weight, kg 0.00
Dimensions, mm
Width 0.00
Length 0.000
Height 0.00

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